Welcome to our 2019 Outdoor Art Show - "Fish Out Of Water" (Pre-Order) form.

Fish Out Of Water

Join us in this year's 2019 Outdoor Art Show! This year, the art kit contains a fun "Fish Out Of Water" shape that participants can use as a canvas for their original art and design! After designed, submitted, and approved, the 2-sided designs will be on display through out the Summer of 2019 in Fairport Harbor!

More details below!

  • Do not paint a FISH 😀 The provided fish shape is to be used as a canvas for the participant's original art and design.
  • We will be displaying these entries in a beach town and this beach town theme is encouraged.
  • Please provide a name for the artwork. The example above is called "Fishy Music".
  • The artwork will turn in the wind. Two-sided design is required.
  • All types of media are acceptable; however all materials must be weather resistant.
  • The shape of the fish may be altered to accommodate the design.
  • No political or campaign themes and no commercial advertising permitted.
  • Entries must be suitable for public display and the final approval will be by the organizers.

Only displays approved by the Fairport Harbor Tourism Council are allowed. No exceptions! Entries will be on display throughout the summer of 2019 in Fairport Harbor. Entries are due no later than April 30th. Pre order is required before March 30, 2019. Kits will be available the end of February. Entries become the property of Fairport Harbor Tourism Council.

Kits are available for a tax deductible $25 donation to the Fairport Harbor Tourism Council. Fee of $2.00 for Credit Cards.

For additional information, please call (216-509-6198) or email info@fairportharbortourism.com